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Multifunctional horizontal automatic box filling machine

product details

Structure Characteristics

1.PLC automatic control system, variable frequency speed regulation, electrical components are used internationally renowned brands.
2.Man-machine interface operating system.
3.Servo feeding can be adapted to various specifications of aluminum plate feeding medicine.
4.Mechanical over cut automatic shutdown.
5.Automatically remove the lack of packaging and specifications of the carton.
6.Fault display, alarm and finished count.
7.Stable performance, easy to operate.

Application scope

The series of models for drug aluminum-plastic plate, bottle shape, automatic
feeding box, cosmetics and similar items. The feeding machine is easy to adjust,
can be arbitrarily set in number box in operation on the screen. The online
material handling and testing, manual folding (1-4 fold) and transmission,
manual testing, carton drawing the forming and transmitting material into the
box, printing, carton paper packaging (two tongue can be used hot melt machine)
lack of material removed and finished product output process is completed
automatically. This machine can be used alone, or with the pillow packaging
machine and other equipment linkage, forming complete sets of production

Technical parameter

Technical data:
产品型号Moder   HZ-100卧式
装盒速度Box Speed   30-100盒/分

质量要求Quality Requirement
尺寸范围Size Range

说明书Instructions 质量要求Quality Requirement
未折叠尺寸范围Size Of Fold
折叠范围Folding Range
压缩空气Compressed Air 工作压力Working Pressure
耗气量Gas Consumption
外形尺寸Dimension   3100×1100×1550mm
电源/功率Power Supply
220V 50Hz 0.75Kw
整机净重Weight   1400Kg
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