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Reciprocating pillow packaging machine

product details

Structure Characteristics

1.Touch screen control, easy to operate.
2.AC motor with frequency converter to achieve stepless speed control.
3.Bags of arbitrary length, automatic adjustment, fast and accurate.
4.PID automatic control heating temperature.
5.Digital display bag length, packing speed and packing quantity.
6.Electric eye precise, automatic tracking printing marks.
7.Reciprocating end sealing mechanism, sealing more firmly, sealing die cutter without loss.
8.Angle end sealing device, a more beautiful and improve product quality.
9.Mechanical design easy maintenance.

Application scope

Reciprocating motion pillow type packing machine is a horizontal seal sealing box. Packaging film heating, heating time when pressurized long, high thermal efficiency. Improve the sealing reliability and sealing property, sliding type transverse sealing
mechanism, compact packaging. And ensure the sealing effect of the better and more beautiful. Particularly suitable for a wide and high angle structure and packaging products, thick film and sealing requirements of the industry.

Technical parameter

Technical data:
包装速度Packing Capacity 30-120包/分钟pcs/min
包装膜宽度Packing Film Width 450mm
切割尺寸Cutting Size 75-400mm
产品尺寸Product Size 最宽200mm,最高60mm
机器尺寸(长×宽×高)Dimension 3765×1200×1650mm
电源/功率Power Supply 220V/50HZ3.5KW
机器重量Weight 约1000kg
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