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Plasticene packing production line

product details

Structure Characteristics

1.The main material distribution system uses the central integrated control system, according to the product speed and quantity of the automatic distribution
2.Through the whole unit, the product of flexible shunt, finishing line
3.Feed unit with servo and PLC control products will be orderly, smooth, into the packaging system without damage, product delivery, finishing line, automatic feeding, accurate positioning, no empty packet packet.
4.Touch screen man-machine interface, simple operation, user-friendly design, reduce personnel operation, improve work efficiency, automatic sorting of products, to meet the requirements of mass production packaging, to ensure the continuity and
stability of production
5.According to the production capacity, we can choose the multi-level material unit, the number of packing units (packaging machine can be selected according to the product)

Application scope

This series is for chocolate, candy, biscuit, bread, cakes, egg roll, Gamigo volume, waffle, wafer and so on regular shape, square or rod packing products.

Technical parameter

Technical data:
包装速度Packing Capacity 100-450包/分钟 pcs/min
机器尺寸Dimension 7500×4800×1200mm
电源/功率Power Supply 220V 50Hz 5.5kw
机器重量Weight 2000kg
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