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HZ-SS 450/800

Tissue making and packing machine

product details

Structure Characteristics

1.Full touch screen operation, easy to set up, fast, the use of Panasonic PLC programmable controller, high precision, excellent performance and stability.
2.The main motor is equipped with high quality AC inverter to realize stepless speed change.
3.Digital display bag length, packing speed and packing quantity.
4.Servo drive film, stepless speed change, large screen display.
5.The machine is equipped with a positioning stop function, which can effectively prevent scalding when parking.
6.Heat shrinkable furnace efficient double temperature zone, stepless speed regulation, automatic temperature control, high efficiency hot air circulation, ensure the
quality of contraction.
7.High efficiency, energy saving, material saving, simple operation, reliable quality, stable performance.

Application scope

High speed cutting automatic shrink packaging machine, the assembly line, and large quantities of product design, packaging container, bag, bag sealing, cutting, heat
shrinkage and packing of finished goods delivery, integrated packaging. The sealing and thermal shrinkage products, good sealing, no leakage, no cracking, a
pass rate of 99% above, a beautiful, moisture-proof, anti corrosion, anti impact and other effects, is widely used in food, medicine, software, beverages, tobacco, chemical,
automotive, cable, cosmetics, electronics and other industries, production and cartoning machine and other mechanical linkage.

Technical parameter

Technical data:

Moder HZ-RS450 HZ-RS800
Packing Film Materia POF、PE收缩膜 POF、PE收缩膜
Packing Size L:55-300mm;W:20-180mm;H:5-60mm L:500mm;W:340mm可根据客户要求定做
If big size ,customized
Packing Capacity 10-100包/分钟 pcs/min 10-80包/分钟 pcs/min
Dimension(长×宽×高) 6200×850×1420mm 6200×850×1450mm
Power Supply AC220V 50/60Hz 2.6Kw(wrapping device)
AC380V 50/60Hz 1.5Kw(shrink tunnel)
AC220V 50/60Hz 2.8w(wrapping device)
AC380V 50/60Hz 18w(shrink tunnel)
Weight 650Kg+200Kg 800Kg+250Kg
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