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Automatic thermoforming vacuum packing machine

product details

Structure Characteristics

1.Photoelectric tracking, you can choose the color cover film or light film packaging, reduce costs and improve product quality
2.The use of group and mold, easy to replace, a multi-purpose machine, mold with cooling system
3.Vacuum pump with the German original vacuum pump, high vacuum, stable quality, durable and reliable
4.OMRON PLC controller, Panasonic servo motor
5.Electrical appliances France Schneider
6.Bracket, side cover and shell made of stainless steel
7.The die is made of aluminum alloy material which is wear resistant and durable
8.Using a special clamp type chain, soft stretch forming is suitable for various thickness, special packaging.
9.The use of advanced cutting, slitting, replacement and convenient operation.
10.Can be based on user packaging requirements, equipped with automatic code system
11.Have a corner waste recycling system, to keep the environment clean

Technical parameter

Technical data:
Upper Filmwidth 520mm 420mm 320mm
Dowm Filmwidth 550mm 450mm 350mm
Power supply 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Power Connsumption 18Kw 15Kw 13Kw
cooling Water 0.15Mpa 0.15Mpa 0.15Mpa
Air Supply 0.8Mpa 0.8Mpa 0.8Mpa
Capacity 200-400cycles/h 200-400cycles/h 200-400cycles/h
Dimension 7200×1000×2050mm 5100×810×1900mm 4450×710×1800mm
Weight 2000Kg 1800Kg 1500Kg
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